Hawkes Farm Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are formed of children from every class who were chosen after applying for the role.

We meet fortnightly to discuss ways to make the school more environmentally friendly. We are currently working towards our Eco Schools Green Flag Award, the most prestigious Eco School award available. For this we have to work on the Eco Schools ten topics which you can find on their website 

Eco Schools

We are currently concentrating our efforts on three topics:

– Energy –

Eco Warriors are currently promoting turning off lights and electrical equipment when leaving the room. The Year 6 Eco Warriors are currently carrying out weekly meter readings to follow the impact of this campaign.

– Waste –

We will be highlighting in assemblies areas where we think waste occurs in school. We all know about recycling but there are three arrows in the recycle logo and the first two of these are often forgotten but actually should come first : REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. We will also be composting as much food waste on site as we can, especially from fruit.

– Water –

The Eco Warriors will be making sure taps are off when not in use and will be reporting any leaks or drips immediately.

The Eco Warriors may be the leaders of this green revolution but they need the whole school to work together to achieve their aims. Thus, during one of our meetings, we drew up our Eco Code, a simple set of Eco aims based upon the ten Eco Schools topics that we are committing. This has now been launched in assembly we now have the whole school committed to its values as well!