School Council

Children are empowered to become active citizens and learners: pupils’ opinions and thoughts are sought, encouraged and respected in all aspects of our work.

Pupil leadership is an integral part of the Rights Respecting School engagement approaches taken by STEP academies. At Hawkes Farm Academy, children are given opportunities to be active participants in school life through a range of groups including Pupil Parliament. Play Leaders, Pupil Librarians, Eco Warriors and Digital Leaders.

Pupils are encouraged to see themselves as Global Citizens, to make them more aware of the wider world, to discuss issues that the world is facing and to make links between children in other countries and themselves. This is to develop their knowledge and awareness of how they can have a positive impact on the world, now and in the future.

Our Pupil Parliament meets every fortnight to discuss  a variety of topics but pupil voices is at the heart of everything that we do.

Members of Pupil Parliament will often go to other classrooms to ask younger children for their views and opinions, then feedback to the rest of the group. We then use these suggestions to inform our actions moving forwards. In this way we can ensure that all children have had a voice in all aspects of and improvements to the school.