Remote Learning

In order to comply with DfE guidance we have agreed the following:

The priority will always be for schools to deliver high-quality face-to-face education to all pupils.

Remote education will only ever be considered as a short-term measure and as a last resort where in person attendance is not possible.

Attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age. However, Phoenix Academy will consider providing remote education to pupils in circumstances when in-person attendance is either not possible or contrary to government guidance.

This might include:

occasions when school leaders decide that it is not possible for their setting to open safely, or that opening would contradict guidance from local or central government guidelines. 

occasions when individual pupils, for a limited duration, are unable to physically attend their school but are able to continue learning, for example pupils with an infectious illness

In these circumstances pupils should have access to remote education as soon as reasonably practicable, though in proportion to the length of absence and disruption to their learning.

What Hawkes Farm Academy aim to provide on these occasions:

  • Daily maths, reading and writing activities – sequenced.
  • One foundation subject activity per day.
  • Links to Oak Academy and Complete Maths.
  • Where possible, access to live online lessons.
  • Pupil emails where possible and appropriate.
  • Assessment phone call from teacher at least once every week.
  • Individualised hard copy resource packs produced in consultation with SENDCO where appropriate.
  • Regular oral class teacher contact – at least twice a week for SEND.
  • Information sheet for parents explaining how home learning is expected to operate.
  • All subjects accessed with daily expectations. Revision and practise prioritised over new content to ensure swift catch-up on return.
  • Where new content is taught, assessment on return to assess that this has not disadvantaged most vulnerable pupils. Practise and revision to promote automaticity prioritised.
  • Online teaching follows principles of small, atomised steps as per accepted academy pedagogy.
  • Daily quizzes to ensure learning embedded in long term memory.
  • As appropriate and with cognisance of the restrictive nature of online platforms for foundational learning.

There is an understanding that coverage may not be equivalent to that when pupils are in school. The length will be as appropriate for the restricted access pupils will have to the internet and the complexity of teaching core foundational learning. Where access to live lessons is possible there will be daily contact.